The Founders

Partners Stephen Estrin and Jonathan Boulay founded DARA FUMED OAK to provide the highest quality FUMED OAK FLOORING available. Through years spent honing and perfecting their fuming process they have created a unique premium quality product that fuses old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create floors that will last a lifetime.

Stephen Estrin is the owner of I.J. Peiser’s Sons Inc., a fourth generation wood flooring company, family owned since 1902. I.J. Peiser’s Sons Inc. provides the highest quality installation and finishing services to some of the most renowned architects, interior designers, and private clients in the world.

Jonathan Boulay owns and operates Wilson Woodworks Inc. and Boulay Custom Hardwoods, a boutique flooring mill and hardwood supplier located in Tolland, CT. He specializes in sourcing the finest domestic and exotic wood floors in the world and maintains the highest quality in precision milling standards. Jon is a member of The National Wood Flooring Association and serves on the board of The Wood Products Manufacturers Association.