The process of fuming oak was discovered in English stables in the late 1800’s when it was noted that the interior oak boards had matured and deepened in color.

By the beginning of the twentieth century fuming had became popular with furniture makers as part of the Arts & Crafts movement. The technique was introduced in the United States by Gustav Stickley in 1901 when he perfected fuming for his Mission style furniture. Today DARA FUMED OAK still has close ties to this illustrious history, our oak timbers come from the same forests and lumber distributers as The Stickley Furniture Company.  

At DARA FUMED OAK our mission is to carry on this tradition by creating finely crafted fumed oak floors for contemporary homes. The name DARA, which means Oak in Gaelic, was chosen to honor the first fumed oak structures from over a century ago.