Our Process: Customization

  • Custom Milled

    Custom Milled

    We do not mass-produce flooring nor are we simply "middle men". All pre-finished and unfinished Fumed Oak orders are completely custom in width and length specifications.

  • Eight cuts of American White Oak

    Eight cuts of American White Oak

    We offer eight different cuts of premium fumed White Oak. Please refer to our UNFINISHED section for more details

  • Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    We can provide both antique/reclaimed oak or Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Oak ensuring you have the greenest floor possible.

  • Custom Contouring

    Custom Contouring

    Our unfinished flooring comes pre-sanded and custom hand contoured giving the surface of each plank depth and a smooth faceted texture. After installation the flooring simply needs to be lightly screened. NO DRUM SANDING REQUIRED!

  • Wire Brushing

    Wire Brushing

    Our Unfinished lines can be wire brushed, a process that raises the grain and highlights the rustic charm of fumed oak.

  • Ceruse


    This classical French finishing technique is alive and well and offered in our PRE-FINISHED FUMED OAK line. An experienced floor finisher can also beautifully ceruse our UNFINISHED FUMED OAK on site.